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The Governor
The Governor
Nathan Deal is the 82nd Governor of Georgia, husband to Sandra Deal, father to four children, and grandfather to six grandchildren.

Under Gov. Nathan Deal’s leadership, Georgia has risen to become the No. 1 place in the nation in which to do business, a goal achieved by creating the Competitiveness Initiative, reforming our tax code, shaping our educational system to support our workforce needs and recruiting businesses to relocate here.

As Georgia’s 82nd governor since January 2011, he has cut state taxes, eliminated state agencies, reduced the state government workforce, saved HOPE from the brink of bankruptcy, championed education innovations and implemented significant cost-saving reforms in our criminal justice system. He fought to increase public safety on our waterways, improved our workforce by aiding veterans and technical college students and enacted stricter rules on lobbying to boost public trust.

Though he has reduced the size of state government, Gov. Deal has prioritized education and child safety funding as state revenues rebound from the Great Recession. In 2014, the governor increased k-12 spending by more than half a billion dollars, the largest increase in education in seven years. As concerned about our children’s safety as he is about their education, Gov. Deal has also started a three-year plan to add nearly 500 new child welfare case workers at DFCS.

Gov. Deal’s public service to his state spans four decades. The Sandersville native served in the U.S. Army at Fort Gordon in Augusta after graduating with a law degree from Mercer University, and then began a private law practice in Gainesville, the hometown of his wife, Sandra Dunagan Deal. While his wife taught in Hall County public schools, the governor began a long span of service to his community as prosecutor, judge, state senator and U.S. congressman.

During his 17 years in Congress, Deal rose to chair the Health Subcommittee of Energy and Commerce, where he became a noted expert on entitlement reform and health care policy.

Deal ended his congressional career to campaign for governor, becoming the Republican nominee in August 2010 and then winning the governorship in November of that year.

The governor and first lady have four adult children and six grandchildren.

The First Lady
The First  Lady
Sandra Deal is the First Lady of Georgia, a former teacher, mother to four children, and grandmother to six grandchildren.

First Lady Sandra Deal, the daughter of educators, has dedicated her life to encouraging childhood education. As a Georgia public school teacher, she taught for more than 15 years, and retired as a sixth grade middle school teacher in Hall County.

She has furthered those efforts in her role as Georgia’s First Lady, and promoting literacy has been one of her top priorities. As part of her “Read Across Georgia” tour, Sandra has visited and read to all 159 counties and 181 school districts to encourage student reading.  To date, she has visited more 320 schools, encouraging students to love reading and to become “life-long learners.” Like her husband, the First Lady believes a good education is the key to future success.

Community service and volunteering is also a top focus of the First Lady’s. To that end, Sandra launched “With a Servant’s Heart” in 2011. What began as a statewide day of service quickly grew into regular participation in community service programs and volunteer events across Georgia.

The First Lady serves as Chair of the Governor’s Office for Children and Family, where she promotes a statewide effort to strengthen and support families and communities. Mrs. Deal also serves as Co-Chair of the Georgia Children’s Cabinet, which coordinates policies and resources to improve outcomes for children and families. Among other issues, the First Lady provides leadership on child welfare and juvenile justice issues in Georgia.

Sandra grew up in Gainesville and graduated from Georgia College & State University. The Deals have been married for 47 years and have four children and six grandchildren. They attend First Baptist Church in Gainesville.

The Vision
The Vision

Under Governor Deal’s leadership, Georgia has become the No. 1 state in the nation for business. By cutting taxes and reducing bureaucratic red tape, he’s helped to create 235,000 jobs.  As a result of his fiscally conservative leadership, Georgians enjoy one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation.

Governor Deal has overseen three balanced budgets without raising taxes, saved millions of taxpayer dollars by maintaining Georgia’s AAA bond rating, and increased our rainy day fund by more than 500%.

In his second term, Governor Deal will continue to keep taxes low, encourage job growth, and promote workforce development initiatives.

Cut Spending

Deal believes that government should have a limited role in the lives of its citizens.

“We should provide the services they demand, provide them in an effective and efficient manner, and then get out of the way so Georgians can live their lives the way they see fit,” said Gov. Deal. “I promised Georgians a smaller government, and I have delivered on that promise.”

Since taking office, Deal has balanced the budget each year, streamlined state agencies, and eliminated wasteful spending. He cut bureaucratic spending and reduced the number of government employees to the lowest level in more than a decade while increasing education and public safety funding.


A strong education system leads to a strong economy. Both Governor Deal and Sandra’s parents were teachers, so improving education has been and always will be a top priority for Georgia.

When Governor Deal took office, Georgia’s Pre-K program and HOPE scholarship were on the brink of bankruptcy. Deal worked closely with Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to save the HOPE scholarship—one of the most generous in the nation—for future generations. Under Deal’s leadership, HOPE is thriving once again. Deal was also able to restore our universal Pre-K to a full-day program, ensuring Georgia’s youngest scholars would continue to receive a high-quality education.

Governor Deal also supports state charter schools, which give parents and students more flexibility and education options. State charter schools promote competition, encourage innovation in the classroom, and they give parents in underperforming school districts a choice.

Health Care

Under Obamacare, Georgians have suffered among the nation’s highest health insurance premium increases. The failed federal takeover of health care has already led to higher taxes and millions of policy cancellations. Governor Deal refused to waste state resources and taxpayer money to create an insurance exchange and remains opposed to expanding Medicaid.

“Georgia cannot afford billions in spending over the next 10 years,” Deal said. “The Affordable Care Act and its many broken promises have already left hard-working families and sick patients on the hook. We are a state that balances our budget and one of the few states to have a growing rainy day fund. We must continue practicing common-sense fiscal responsibility.”

Deal believes in patient-centered reforms that will bring the health care decisions out of the hands of Washington and back to doctors and families. He cast his final vote as a Member of Congress against Obamacare.

Public Safety

Implementing solutions to better protect Georgia’s citizens is essential to the success of our state. Deal also implemented criminal justice reforms to keep the most dangerous criminals behind bars while also improving the efficiency of our judicial system.

Deal expanded accountability courts while finding ways to rehabilitate nonviolent offenders that lead to crowded prisons and financial strain. These reforms will make our communities safer, help us rehabilitate nonviolent offenders, and tackle the inflating costs of a system that wasn’t working for Georgians.

Second Amendment

Governor Deal is an unwavering supporter of our Second Amendment rights. As a congressman, Deal consistently received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA.

“His constant and unapologetic support for gun rights… demonstrates a strong commitment to the rights of law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen,” stated Chris Cox, Chairman of NRA-PVF.

As governor, Deal has signed every pro-gun rights bill to reach his desk. Sticking to his conservative principles, he will not support any changes to Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law. In his second term, Nathan Deal will continue to support pro-gun legislation and will always fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Natural Resources

Georgia is home to a scenic environment that farmers, producers, sportsmen and nature enthusiasts are proud to call their own. As Governor, Nathan Deal has protected Georgia’s environment for both its ecological and economic worth. Our state’s natural resources support agriculture, tourism, jobs, and businesses alike. In his second term, Governor Deal will continue to protect our environment and natural resources to ensure its positive economic impact.

Governor Deal is committed to bringing new water supplies online, because we must prepare for growing population and droughts. That’s why Georgia has already pledged $300 million to begin building water supplies in strategic locations throughout the state.  In addition, Governor Deal has continued water conservation efforts and will protect Georgia’s water from outside entities.


To ensure efficiency and that Georgia remains the “gateway to the Southeast,” Deal is dedicated to prioritizing transportation investment.

There is no more important public works project for the competitiveness of our entire region than the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project. Throughout his first term as governor, Deal’s budgets have reflected his commitment to the project, bringing our total state contribution to $266 million. Deal continues to encourage Congress to do their part to ensure Georgia is ready when the Panama Canal comes online this year.

“It’s time to start moving dirt,” said Gov. Deal. “It’s time Congress does their part when the Canal comes online later this year.”

When Deal ran for office, he pledged to eliminate the GA 400 toll. Deal kept his promise and closed the toll facilities on GA 400 in November 2013. In order to ease congestion and improve mobility, Deal has also invested $85 million into road and bridge projects.

Georgia Families

As a husband, father, and grandfather, Governor Deal believes that good government and strong communities begins at home. To help safeguard Georgia families and promote strong marriages, Deal eliminated Georgia’s marriage tax penalty in his first term.

Deal believes in the dignity of human life at all stages and will continue fighting to protect our society’s most vulnerable. The Deals’ deep faith led them to First Baptist Church in Gainesville, where they have worshiped for decades.


Governor Deal credits the U.S. Army with helping form the core of who he is today. Georgia has a proud history of military service, and we recognize the sacrifices servicemen and women, and military families make.

We’re deeply grateful for our veterans and we value their unique skill-sets. To help them transition back to the civilian workforce, Deal implemented workforce development programs, eliminated bureaucratic obstacles and signed legislation making it easier for veterans to find jobs.

The Results
The Results

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