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New Fleshlight Coupon & Kiiroo Deals (Updated Mar 2021)

Most likely, you will be interested to know how to pay for quality goods less. To do this, you do not need to own steep connections, but only to be able to properly use the resources on the Internet. Bulk purchases using coupons becomes a great way to make savings and even reduce the time spent shopping.

Coupons and Deals for Today

Kiiroo: Up to 30% Off for Kiiroo sex toys!

PinkCherry: Up to 40% Off with coupon code BOX40).

Fleshlight: Up to 35% Off for Fleshlight combo by using this coupon! You may not yet know what Fleshlight is. But I will answer - it is a real pleasure for any man, especially in the absence of the second half. With these devices, you can easily turn your deepest desires into reality.

If you are going to buy a Fleshlight for the first time, save some money on your first purchase. Keep in mind that you can order powder next time. What you really need is a lube. And it's a much wiser decision to buy 3 sleeves + 1 box for REALLY better experience.

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is an automated robot designed to bring pleasure to men. The toy’s main feature is its compatibility with several models of Fleshlight sleeves. The device was created to provide movements of the toy that was previously put into it.

Fleshlight Launch Intro


The first thing that you need to know here is that Launch does not include any Fleshlight sleeve or case. Of course, it’s not great news, though the good part is that you can use different toys with this device. Launch itself contains a hollow area, which can be detached. That’s where you insert your Fleshlight.

Empty Fleshlight Launch

The list of compatible toys include Original, STU and Girls. As you may have noticed ICE, Quickshot, Go and Flight are excluded.

A tip for you: you can always put your ICE or Turbo into the right case. This way you’ll be able to use it with Launch.

How It Works

Basically, you need to charge it. The process takes approximately 7 hours. When you purchase Launch it will be already ready and fully charged.

Fleshlight Launch Charged

The interface of Fleshlight Launch is rather simple. However, you’d still have to know a few things, because figuring them out on your own may take a while. The device has four control areas. The first two on the front serve for turning the toy on and off and for choosing between interactive mode and manual one. Two touch areas on the sides are there to help you control speed, height and length.

To turn Launch on, just hold the power button. The device will be ready to work in a few seconds.

Interactive Mode

To have fun this way, connect your device via Bluetooth to an app, which is called FeelConnected. You need to make sure everything’s OK and your app is synchronized with videos on or any other similar website.

Sometimes it may take you a few tries to finally connect and synchronize everything. Then prepare that you might need to be patient with filmware updating. It might go slowly. Though it’s not a frequent problem.

Actually, the range of content that you can use with Launch is not so wide. But the good news is that number and variety of such videos are constantly growing. These are the websites you can get the content from: (the videos are from 20 to 30 minutes, growing variety).
      PornHub Interactive (6-10 min videos, not so consistent as the previous one, though very searchable and categorized). (a relatively new website, which provides some of very interesting interacting features).

For some reason same-sex content remains very scarce. Let’s hope they improve soon.

The whole process is really super realistic, and it gets even better if you have VR. If you wonder how accurate synchronization of movements is, you should know that it depends on each video in particular. Though most people are too excited and involved in the process to actually notice.

Manual Mode

When in this one, you may adjust, choose whatever speed or length you’d like. Let’s take a closer look on how you can do it.

      Swipe away the left strip to make strokes faster.
      A swipe in your direction of the left one will make strokes slower.
      As for the right one, swiping away you’ll have the device doing more long strokes for.
      And vice versa with swiping towards you: this is the one you use to get shorter strokes.

Basically, the length of its movement varies from 2.5 cm to 5 cm.

Some Other Characteristics

Everybody believes that this thing must be very noisy. So it surprises many guys a great deal when they find out it’s really quiet. Of course, it’s not completely silent.

A nice thing is that you can change different controls during the process, playing with it and adjust it to your need at exact moment.

Preparations for Having Fun with Fleshlight Launch

After you´ve made sure that your Launch is charged, you can put your Fleshlight in (of course, there are a few preparation steps for Fleshlight itself, just do everything you usually do). Settle comfortably somewhere and it´d be great to have a towel or a few tissues at hand, just in case you suddenly need them. Prepare your lubricant and that´s it. Now you can turn on Launch.

Fleshlight Launch Prepared

How It Feels

With this machine your hands are free and you do nothing with them. And still, you’re getting pleasure. The whole thing immediately gives you a feeling that somebody else is involved in the process. You’re not doing it to yourself. Something else is doing it to you. It’s just great.

Another awesome thing is that this device can help you feel your old Fleshlight sleeve in a completely new way. It happens because you’re not using your hand. Launch’s doing it for you. With its own angle, intensity and other parameters. So it will be different from what you’re already accustomed to.

If you use Launch, preparation and cleaning steps hardly will be different. Though there are a few tips you’d better stick to.

      First of all, make sure no lube and no fluids from your body have direct and extensive contact with the mechanism of the device.
      You´ll be able to use a fully charges Launch for approximately two hours or so. Then the battery will die. Just charge it beforehand so that it would never let you down.

The Bottom Line

You can get 5% Off with Fleshlight coupon WELCOME5. Use this coupon code on the checkout page. Fleshlight Launch is a perfect choice for those who are seeking to diversify their masturbation activities. It´ll also be an asset to those who want to get new feelings from their sleeves. Launch feels very realistic though its movements sometimes seem a little methodical.

With this robot, you´ll be able to keep your hands free, feel like somebody else is involved. It´s also great to play around with VR and a bunch of nice videos from one of the websites mentioned before. Launch is compatible with most of Fleshlight, though not with all of them.

More Fleshlight Deals

Up to 25% Off for Fleshlight Launch on Launch is a product of collaboration of two companies – Fleshlight and Kiiroo. A nice thing is that it looks so minimalistic and masculine. It’s black with silver highlights.

Up to 25% Off for Quickshot Launch on

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